With over 20 years experience providing state of the art security technology projects such as CCTV ,Security Cameras & Security systems for many local and national customers across the entire consumer spectrum, including government sectors. We have great relationships with all the top manufacturers in the industry and we are qualified to work with their latest technologies. Our office is located in the beautiful city of San Diego, we provide installation, repair, and consultation services to most Southwestern states, and we are able to ship domestically and internationally. Please contact us for details.

Who are we? And what we offer?

Our Mission

Halcyon Technologies mission is to make a difference contributing to safer and more sustainable future, specifically through the conceptualization and production of security technology solutions that are not only industry leading, but in alliance with eco-friendly efforts.


Halcyon is passionate about the integration of surveillance and green energy technology. Marrying these principles, our engineers have built fully autonomous and portable telecommunications command centers. Each component of these can be custom designed for the right level of security, versatility, and autonomy to benefit both the private and government sectors; as well as residential and commercial property owners. Mobile Security Light and CCTV Trailers bring peace of mind to even the most remote places in the world.

Associate Agencies

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Halcyon Technologies

  • 1. Our solutions are fully customizable, each part and project can be individually designed to accommodate our customer’s specific needs and environment
  • 2. Halcyon Technologies, Inc. is reliable, qualified, and assured. We are fully licensed, bonded, and carry over $1,000,000 insurance coverage at any time so our customer can be risk free
  • 3. Our mobile LED light and CCTV trailers are maintenance free and 100% solar powered, which reduces the operation cost by thousands of dollars.
  • 4. The use of solar technology powering our systems allows us to eliminate 100% of noise pollution and carbon emissions.
  • 5. With over 20 years of experience in the technology industry, we are experts in many avenues of IT/Network engineering, telecommunication, long range wireless communication and more. Our comprehensive background allows us to handle entire projects limiting multiple party involvement and reducing overall costs.

Other companies

  • 1. Pre-made security technology packages only offer very limited solutions that often times do not meet the customer’s exact needs and performs with limited efficiency.
  • 2. Many service providers work without a contractor license, bond, or insurance which put the customer in great liability risk
  • 3. Competitors use partial or fully Gas/Diesel powered light and security trailers which require costly maintenance and do not operate under maximum efficiency
  • 4. Gas operated security solutions create noise and environmental pollution that can cause more harm than good
  • 5. Competing companies and service providers lack actual experience in related fields of IT/networking and telecommunications, which limits the solutions they can provide and in many cases involve subcontracting which increases overall costs and risks

Mobile Solutions

Custom Engineering

We offer customized mobile security solution proposals and quotes that fit your exact security needs and situation. Request a courtesy consultation with our Chief Technology Engineer today!

Push, SMS Text & Email Alerts

Get Push notifications, text or email alerts any time directly to your smart device or computer

Mobile remote access

Take control of your sophisticated personal Command Center from anywhere in the world. We integrate dedicated apps or video management systems on iOS and Android devices

core features

Halcyon Technologies fully self contained and self powered rapid deployment security and CCTV trailer allows you to receive alerts, monitor and protect your property or event from a Security command center, smart phone, tablet or PC.

100% solar powered

No Gas or external power is ever needed! The continuous operation is powered only by the sun and rechargeable battery pack (a few hours of sunlight can create up to 24 hours of power)

Fast 4G LTE connection

4G LTE connection allows us to provide fast and reliable internet connection to most remote locations

DMV Approved

All lighting & towing trailers are Department of Transportation approved


powerful solar & battery powered portable LED light tower

Green power

Our LED light trailers are fully self sufficient solar powered, which means you will never have to worry about external power or gas refill. Save thousands of dollars by cutting manpower and gas expenses.

Powerful LED light bulbs

All of our light towers feature LED light bulbs, LED bulbs have revolutionized energy-efficient lighting and are extremely energy-efficient.
Our Solar light Tower Trailers ae equipped with 100W LED flood light bulbs, for comparison, Each 100W LED bulb will light up similar area as 600W standard halogen light bulb.


Lease or buy your mobile security solution


Fully solar powered, fully remotely monitored, smartphone push alert enabled
All trailers are fully customized with HD cameras such as: Night vision/IR, Speed dome (PTZ)/High zoom, 360/fisheye, license plate recognition, Thermal and Military grade.
all systems can also be interrogated with: Intrusion alarm, Perimeter monitoring, 2-way audio and more…


Our light towers are fully Solar & battery powered, no external power or gas need for continuously daily night work.
Our light towers power up to 600W led bulbs, which is comparable to 3600W standard halogen flood light bulb.
Idle for Construction or temporary work sites such as events, fairs, accidents, security, roadwork and other…


We offer portable security solution for environment that will not allow access for any of our security trailers, our portable systems can be carry by hand and setup easily, portable system can be remotely monitored and equipped with any of the solutions offered on our trailers, the sytem can be powered externally or with a battery pack.