(LPR) license plate recognition

LPR Video Analytics is an Intelligent Module that provides license plate recognition and comparative analysis of face plates for all types of vehicles. LPR is an effective tool for the solution of registration tasks, identification and provision for car safety, control of traffic, and access control of vehicles.

The reliability of the system, high the percentage of recognition, accuracy and speed of identification are ensured by use by the specially developed algorithms. Face Capture can be used at airports, banks, casinos, public buildings, subways, factories, schools or in any other location where it makes sense to record the faces of visitors.


As all of our other technology solution, License Plate Recondition can be integrate with any of our mobile solution or as part of a static security system.

The system can either keep log record of  recognized plates and as well match a plate with an existing database, If a match have been found an event such as: Open a gate, send an alert, etc… will be triggered.

Common applications

  • • commercial facilities
  • • Home owners association
  • • parking lots
  • • Train stations
  • • airports
  • • traffic controll
  • • Street surveillance
  • • Border protection
  • • Public events